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Reasons Businesses Choose Incudigm


    In a Win-Win-Win world of Social Entrepreneurship, it is important that all those at the table experience positive outcomes. The table in this case could be our clients, our employees, and our investors. Also included in this list are our independent sales force and our online affiliates. Each component plays an important role in the overall success of our network. When looking for where to place precious resources look to Incudigm Network. We are committed to excellence in financial stewardship. For those who are just starting out, or on a meteoric trajectory sound financial choices are the foundation of a solid future. Choose one of many tools for the success of your socially conscious business.

  • Grants

    Technology Grants are available to help level the playing field with enterprise-level businesses. Incudigm offers the following grants to new and emerging businesses, non profit enterprises, spiritual and religious companies doing good in the world and others.
    Technology Grants can be used for:

    • Web site strategy design and construction
    • Technology Training (web maintenance, social marketing, project management)
    • Design and Media Releases
    • Grants are awarded on an application basis (full or partial)
  • Loans

    If your business doesn't qualify for a grant, then a loan could be ideal for you. Incudigm offers financing for website construction costs (excluded are strategy and design) to companies that qualify. These no-interest loans can be amortized over 1-3 years and loan amounts begin range from $3600-15,000.00. Payback can be wrapped into hosting fees so that everything can be paid back in one payment.

  • Lease

    Is a ready-made website right for you?
    Check out our custom businesses. Complete with full functionality our site are dynamically driven for the entrepreneur who wants a turn-key business. Our sites are e-commerce ready with products, marketing materials and everything you need to become a successful online entrepreneur today.


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